Back Office

Everyone need a back office
Back office

All design “at office desk” according to company specifications.

We can do the following:

Process Engineering

Responsible for the creation of plant basic drawings (PFD and PID). 


  • Assist in preparation of Process Design Base, Process Description and Physical Property Data.
  • Preparation and update of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD).
  • Preparation and update of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P & ID).
  • Perform material and energy balance and process simulation.
  • Hydraulic calculation of lines, pump and safety valve calculations.

Equipment Engineering

Responsible for the design calculations and technical data presentation of the equipment.


  • Develop and review specifications, including design criteria.
  • Review vendor equipment documentation with project requirements, and actively seek discrepancy solution.
  • Perform and check calculations, specify equipment.

Space management

Responsible for planning, specifying and coordinating 3D space environment.


  • Plans and specifies spaces for various equipment, installation set-up.
  • Actively coordinates with various disciplines for major changes in the design and overall layout.
  • Solves space-related problems.
  • Comments and actively participate in finding the best set-up of mechanical, electrical and structural units without compromising engineering standards, functionality, and personnel safety.

3D Piping

Responsible for planning, specifying and coordinating piping related designs and facilities. 


  • Design Calculations to relevant codes of practice, national standards and design codes.
  • Pipe Specifications
  • Material specifications
  • Component Datasheets (inc expansion joint, spring support and valve datasheets)
  • Schedules (pipe support, bolts etc)
  • Line Lists
  • PED Classifications
  • Pipe racks


Responsible for planning, specifying and coordinating electrical design and technical data preparations of the equipment.


  • Prepare conceptual and detailed electrical design. 
  • Prepare LV / MV one line diagrams, engine diagrams, interconnection diagrams. 
  • Preapare overground power, underground power, cable tray, lighting and lightning protection / grounding system layouts and material take-off for substation layout and process areas. 
  • Prepare load list, cable schedule, electrical equilment list and hazardous area classification plans. 
  • Perform cable sizing, lighting, cable tray fill and grounding calculations. 

Civil Structures

Responsible for planning, designing, constructing civil and structural related designs. 


  • Checks compliance and quality of drawings and designs.
  • Prepare concrete and steel drawings. 
  • Prepare layout and conceptual designs. 
  • Make calculations about loads and stresses. 
  • Interface met en bieden assistentie aan andere ontwerp disciplines.

Document control

The document controller is in-charge of the daily management of documents.


  • Manages documents (internal and external).
  • Checks compliance and quality of documents. 
  • Maintains a list (register) and files documents. 
  • Distributes documents to relevant people. 
  • Liaises with Client / Contractor / Subcontractor.
  • Reports on the progress of documents. 

Logistic support

Involved in storage, distribution, warehousing, movement of orders from one place to another, tracking of orders. It includes the complete process of planning, managing, controlling, and coordination to make sure that the goods reach the right place, at the right time, for the right cost and in right condition.


  • Ensuring all the requirements of the customers are met on time in an efficient and safe manner.
  • To coordinate with third party logistics.
  • To ensure that there is a safe and timely dispatch of orders.
  • To draft plans, policies and procedures for successful implementation of logistic system.
  • To ensure that the business goals of the organization are in synchronization with the logistics system.
  • To create and maintain customer support.
  • To maintain coordination with vendors, service providers and transport carriers.
  • To ensure that no fraud is committed.
  • To ensure timely suppy and payment of goods and reduce inventories.