Front Office

No back office without a front office
Front Office

You need to understand the clients demand and structure and split tasks for execution. This is the only way to move tasks to back office.

We can provide you with following:

Engineering Management:

  • Manages all engineering activities within a department including design, development, production and testing.
  • Implements and maintains overall engineering objectives and initiatives.
  • Confronts and solves performance/operational issues to improve development efficiency.
  • Leads and develops the engineering team.
  • Oversees a robust project management process and delivery timelines to keep projects on schedule and on budget


3D scanning:

3D laser scanning technology digitally captures the dimensions and spatial relationship of objects using a line of laser light. The scanner outputs a point cloud image, which accurately replicates the scanned objects. Once the 3D point cloud is generated, the data can be exported to many common CAD, and modelling to generate 2D CAD drawings or a 3D model.

For utilities and process plants, 3D laser scanning can accurately document existing conditions of facilities to assist with minimizing conflicts between new and existing components during facility upgrade projects. 3D scanning also permits personnel to remotely view and evaluate facilities, limiting the number of personnel exposed to hazardous working conditions.

The repored benefits of 3D scanning includes the following:

  • Improved planning and design,
  • Safety and regulatory compliance
  • Cost and schedule reduction